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Visit Redding, California
Visit Redding, California
A bike ride across the Sundial Bridge in Redding, Ca
Two people hiking next to a lake at Lassen Volcanic National Park.
Kayaking and paddleboarding at Shasta Lake
Middle McCloud Falls
Kyle Sheppard
A family at Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark in Redding, CA.

5 Hiking Adventures With Rewarding Views In and Around Redding, CA

By Redding CVB | 06/22/2020 | Family Friendly , Fun and Free, Great Outdoors, Parks & Gardens, State & National Parks, Things to See and Do, Top-Sights, Trails, Waterfalls

The entire state of California is covered in some of the best hiking in the world, though the northern part is particularly blessed with incredible hiking trails. Redding is a hot spot for adventurers all over the world, due to its sheer beauty, fresh air, and much more. However, with so much to offer it can be difficult to narrow down options and choose which adventures to embark on. Lucky for you, we’re here to save you some time and show you the best. 

Burney Falls Loop Trail

Burney Falls

You don’t need us to tell you just how breathtaking these mythical-looking falls are; just refer to former president Theodore Roosevelt who described them as the “8th wonder of the world." While the falls can be seen from the parking area, the 1.3-mile hiking loop is going to take you right to the base of the 129-foot sight to behold. Or you can hike to the base of the walls on the paved 0.3-mile trail that includes switchbacks and different vantage points of the falls.

No matter what experience/fitness level you’re at currently, you’ll be able to take this hike. Due to this, it’s a popular choice for families who’d all like to take the trip together. Not to mention you’ll have fun memories to reminisce together over for years to come!

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Lassen Peak

A man hiking at Lassen Volcanic National Park.
Lassen Peak by Julie Boyd / @BoundToExplore

If you’re looking for something more challenging or more of an all-day hike, then check out Lassen Peak. The roundtrip distance is just under 5 miles and can take anywhere from 3-5 hours on average, depending on your physical fitness and how many stops you take. 

The trail starts right at the parking area, and climbs from 8,500 feet all the way to an elevation of 10,457 feet. If you’re into history, you may know that it was the culprit of eruptions in 1914-1917. Hiking up to the summit will offer you some of the most incredible views of the Devastated Area, or the area which was hit. It definitely will leave you with a lot to think about, including just how powerful Mother Nature is. The still-existent odor of hydrogen sulfide near the top will provide you with a little reminder that it’s still an active (though dormant) volcano. 

Note: The Lassen Peak Trail is open in summer and fall due to the snowpack on the trail and peak. As of June 22, the trail had 30% snow cover with 500 meters of deep continuous snow on plateau just above trailhead through the 1st switchback on the SE Ridge. NE facing switchbacks are covered in deep snow drifts, but switchbacks are otherwise snow free. 

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Castle Lake

Atop the Castle Lake hike. Photo by Emily Andrus

What’s better on a sunny, summer day than a strenuous hike and a refreshing dip in the water afterward? If that sounds like your cup of tea then check out the Castle Lake hike. Located in Castle Crags Wilderness, it begins at the lake, winding up to Mount Bradley, offering incredible vistas of Mt. Shasta, Blake Butte and the rest of the Cascades which surround you. 

This is another challenging adventure, so make sure you’re confident and have quite a bit of stamina before taking it on. You’ll find many steep climbs summing up to around 2,300 feet in elevation gain. It will be more than worth it, especially when you’re splashing around in the greenish-blue waters. Just remember to pack along something to swim in and some water shoes as it can get a bit rocky!

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Kings Creek Falls

Okay, so not all of us have the strength of a thousand gods in our calves and can hike tough trails. If you’re looking for something moderate that most of us can do, then give Kings Creek Falls a shot. Located 64 miles from Redding in Lassen Volcanic National Park, the adventure totals to 2.8 miles. 

The 30-foot falls cascade over glistening layers of black volcanic rock, which makes the journey more than worth it. Just remember to bring a waterproof backpack in case you decide to get up close and personal with them. 

The smell of pine trees is almost therapeutic, luring you in and ensuring you take up all that nature has to offer here. The return also offers the chance for a scenic loop which travels along the creek by means of a steep staircase of stone. It’s a bit more difficult, but it sure is beautiful!

Note: The trail is open during summer and fall due to snowpack in winter and spring.

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Flanagan to Chamise Peak

Chamise Peak

Located northeast of the Keswick Reservoir and just southwest of Shasta Dam is the Flanagan to Chamise Peak trail -- an easily accessible trail close to the heart of Redding. And the rewarding views are much desired.

The 4.3-mile trail gains nearly 700 feet in elevation and includes panaoramic views of all things Shasta -- Shasta Lake, Shasta Dam and Mt. Shasta. Much like our first adventure, this stretch of trail is good for all skill levels, including dog-friendly and kid-friendly. The trail climbs through manzanita groves and connects with the Upper Sacramento Ditch Trail and offers open views of the upper Sacramento Valley, the Sacramento River and the forrested mountains. If you bring a lunch for your trip, there is a picnic table at the top of Chamise Peak for you to relax and relish your time surrounded by Mother Nature.

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Now that you’ve had the chance to read all about the best and most beautiful hiking adventures in Redding, California, which one are you going to take advantage of? No matter which one you choose, know that you’re in for some great exercise and breathtaking views. Just make sure to pack up some hiking shoes and the appropriate clothing – especially if you’ll be jumping in the water! Thanks for tuning in and happy hiking!

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