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Visit Redding, California
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Christmas Tree Cutting

By | 11/22/2013

The crunch of snow underfoot, the smell of fresh pine, the satisfaction of taking Christmas into your own hands.... If you haven't cut your own Christmas tree in one of the beautiful forests surrounding Redding, this is your year! Sure, there's something nostalgic about the classic 'parking lot tree lot', with its temporary strings of lights, cold father-son team selling and strapping firs to cars ranging from capably large to questionably compact, and of course the last minute Christmas Eve price drops. 

But how much more fragrant and agreeable will your tree be when you get it right from the source? How much greater the affection will you feel toward the tree you scoured the forest for, maybe finding in a pristine snowy meadow or tucked secretly in a cluster of other, less perfect timbers? You'll circle it, brush the snow from its branches, stand back, and decide, "Yep. This is The One", then chop and carry it back through the woods and hope you remembered to put the ropes in the car before you left the house...(you did). 

More and more Redding-area families are creating tree-cutting traditions for themselves, since their proximity to Shasta, Trinity, and Lassen National Forests mean the perfect tree and a memorable family outing are just a short drive away. Those with 'Thanksgiving Friday' off can dive right into the Christmas holiday by heading out and securing the signature symbol of the season. If you'll be visiting relatives in Redding this winter, and they're tragically lacking a tree tradition, consider suggesting this DIY method! 

Visit any local Forest Service office to obtain a permit ($10 each, limit one per household) and receive a map for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest you'll be exploring. Most Forest Service offices even offer extended holiday hours! Relish the quiet and calm of the mountains as you scope out the perfect fir to light up the living room. Pack your sleds too- there are lots of hills for the kids (of all ages) to enjoy in our forests! Go natural this year with an authentic, top-choice Christmas tree you discovered and cut yourself. Permit information and Forest Service office listings are available at:

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