Visit Redding, California
Visit Redding, California
A bike ride across the Sundial Bridge in Redding, Ca
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A family at Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark in Redding, CA.
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Lake Shasta: It's not what you think

By Admin User | 05/22/2014
Have you heard? California is in the midst of a drought!! Drying out, shriveling up, and blowing away. Ocean front casinos in Las Vegas before you know it! There are cacti where our lakes were, tumbleweeds rolling down the riverbeds, and the salmon all grew legs and walked away to Oregon. Not even the Sundial Bridge can tell time any more- it's just. too. thirsty. We're joking of course. Yes, there's a drought, but there's a difference between low water levels and a hole in the ground! Here are some facts to help you cut through the rumors and plan your best Lake Shasta summer yet:
  • Fishing is at its best in over a decade. But you didn't need us to tell you that, right? That's just science. Less water makes it easier to find the fish. Sturgeon fishing is expected to be phenomenal this year. Redding is home to The Fly Shop, a premier fly fishing outfitter, where the staff can walk you through the best options for taking advantage of different waterways.
  • Lake Shasta is huge. It could drop another 10 feet and still have more shoreline than any other man made lake in California, when those other lakes are FULL. It currently has about 260 miles of shoreline.
  • There are hundreds of coves and bays within the shoreline of Lake Shasta. Wooded flats, steep, rocky hillsides, secluded creeks, and thousands of acres of mountainous country surround the lake.
  • Interstate 5 runs right through it, so it's one of the most accessible lakes around, and Redding has all the amenities you need to stock your boat and outfit your crew.
  • Facilities from the all-natural to the luxurious are available to host varied recreational opportunities. There are marinas, resorts, rental cabins, and RV parks, and they're going to continue to run all summer and work harder to ensure you enjoy your visit.
  • Lake Shasta is still "The Houseboating Capital of the World."
  • Lower levels have exposed areas of the lakes previously impossible to get to. Come explore before they're underwater for another 20+ years!
So the next time someone says, "Redding? But the lake is low!" you can give them the real story. Or just throw them in the back of your boat head out on the water so they can see for themselves. Come on over- the water is fine!

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