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By | 09/30/2017
It's getting to be a familiar sound to locals: the deep, rumbling purr of hundreds of motorcycles pouring into hotel parking lots across town, as their riders converge on Redding for its annual three-day celebration of all kinds of big bikes and the culture that goes along with them. Big Bike Weekend and all its sights and sounds will be back in Redding on Oct. 6-8, 2017.  These leather-clad road warriors have impeccable timing – October in Redding is a gift straight from the gods. Caught somewhere between summer and fall, October offers all the delight of Redding's famous perma-sunshine,...  Read More
By Kallie | 09/28/2017 Great Outdoors, Kayaking, Paddling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding
TIME calls Redding "weird" and says its citizens are so "obsessed" with kayaking that we're the unofficial capital of the paddle sport. If kayaking is weird, we don't want to be normal! Are Hawaiians weird for surfing so much? Are Coloradans weird for snow skiing? Are Parisians weird for eating croissants and baguettes? Nope. When you have the best resources - in Redding's case, beautiful, accessible lakes, a river that runs right through town, and 300+ sunny days per year - you're only weird if you don't use them!According to TIME, "Americans have always had strange obsessions, and how we interact...  Read More
By | 09/27/2017 Great Outdoors, Trails
Trail lovers, welcome to California! Located in far northern California, Redding is home to the Sacramento River Rail-Trail which has been awarded the 7th best trail in California by Rails and Trails Magazine. For more information about Rails and Trails visit their website at Enjoy the Rails and Trails RTC blog below from 2013 and we hope to see you making tracks on Redding trails soon!Top 10 Trails in California!The trails of California are as diverse as the landscape itself.From the bustling urban pathways to the lost-in-the-wild tracks of the backcountry, the vastly different settings and styles of trails...  Read More
By | 09/18/2017
In the majestic mountain and lake-filled region in the northeastern corner of California lies Redding and Shasta Cascade, one of Americas most spectacular, pristine and DOG-FRIENDLY regional destinations. Boasting 300+ days of beautiful weather a year, this area is rich in culture and heritage offering boundless outdoor recreation with magnificent landscapes and breathtaking vistas. From towering volcanoes, alpine ranges and glaciers to endless waterfalls, lush forests, pristine lakes and roaring rivers, this travel destination is one of a kind. Known as the trail capital of California with over 200 miles of hiking, (many dog-friendly), Redding is an outdoor adventurers dream....  Read More
By | 04/19/2016
We'll admit it: Redding goes a little nutty in the spring, but no one ever seems to mind, so we just keep doing it! There's so much going on that we've taken to calling it Redding Unrestricted and adopting an 'anything goes' mentality, so book your hotel room for April 24- May 3rd and buckle up for the best spring getaway you can handle!Easily the biggest event of Redding Unrestricted is the 27th annual Kool April Nites classic car show. Hundreds (really: hundreds!) of incredible classic autos and trucks roll into Redding for parades, show & shines, competitions, music, food,...  Read More
By | 08/01/2014
Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and its namesake, always-full lake, draw visitors year 'round. In addition to its inherent beauty- plenty come just to sit and stare- it offers hiking, biking, history, fishing, swimming, camping, exploring, waterfall viewing, sailing, waterskiing and boarding, wildlife viewing, and of course: running and paddling... sometimes for medals and bragging rights. For the particularly ambitious, two of Whiskeytown's races are taking place in one weekend! For the waterborne: the 2nd Annual California Paddle, September 20. This day of SUP fun invites all ages and abilities to paddle as fast as they can in several races and relays...  Read More
By | 07/28/2014
Whiskeytown offers a variety of free, family friendly ranger-led activities throughout the summer. From kayaking to stargazing, there is something for everyone! Programs begin June 14 and run through Labor Day weekend. Reservations are required for the park kayak programs and can be made up to two weeks in advance by calling (530) 242-3462. The park will begin taking reservations for the season on Monday, June 9. While programs are free, visitors must display a valid day use pass or other park pass on all vehicles in the park. For the most current program information visit our website at,...  Read More
By Admin User | 05/22/2014
Have you heard? California is in the midst of a drought!! Drying out, shriveling up, and blowing away. Ocean front casinos in Las Vegas before you know it! There are cacti where our lakes were, tumbleweeds rolling down the riverbeds, and the salmon all grew legs and walked away to Oregon. Not even the Sundial Bridge can tell time any more- it's just. too. thirsty. We're joking of course. Yes, there's a drought, but there's a difference between low water levels and a hole in the ground! Here are some facts to help you cut through the rumors and plan...  Read More
By | 05/22/2014
 When you're approaching the ten year anniversary of a world-renowned sculpture/bridge/marvel, you don't string a few lights, pour some wine, and call it a commemoration. You go BIG. You dangle aerialist dancers from the gnomon. You send the whole town downriver on rafts. You have flash mobs. You pack as many craft breweries as possible onto the patio. You have nightly concerts. You give out sidewalk chalk to anyone with a hand. You pull every photo, sketch, and construction document out of storage to tell the whole story. You take an already-legendary fireworks show and turn it up to 11. Don't wait to make your plans to attend Celebrate...  Read More
By | 05/08/2014
Start here if you're new to Celebrate 10 details. If Celebrate 10 has caught your eye, it's probably because you've seen pictures or videos of people hanging from and leaping off the 200+ foot gnomon of Redding's world-famous Sundial Bridge. These aren't just people who like to play with ropes: it's BANDALOOP. A pioneer in vertical dance performance, BANDALOOP seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side. Founded by choreographer and artistic director Amelia Rudolph, BANDALOOPs work has been presented in theaters and museums, on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards and historical...  Read More
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