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It would be difficult to talk about far Northern California without also talking about water. The area is home to one of California's largest lakes and its longest river. It also boasts the largest plug dome volcano in the world: much of the landscape surrounding Redding was created by volcanic activity, which is the force behind the creation of many of the area's lakes, rivers, and streams. Unspoiled, breathtaking vistas enthrall visitors with towering mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, white water rivers, dense lush forests, and glistening lakes.

There are dozens of beautiful waterfalls dotting the Northern California landscape and many can be accessed on one single loop drive from Redding to Burney, north to Mt. Shasta, and back to Redding. Whiskeytown National Recreation area west of Redding is also home to many of the waterfalls listed here.

Whether you spend a day or an entire weekend exploring the waterfalls surrounding Redding, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, take along a light jacket, don't forget your camera, and always remember to tread lightly!

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Ash Creek Falls
Ash Creek Falls is known for being one of the tallest in the Mt. Shasta area at a single drop of 290 feet. The falls must be viewed from afar due to the canyon terraine and is best for viewing during summer months when glacier runoff is greatest. This waterfall is accessible by trail. More Information

McCloud , CA
Battle Creek Falls
At 16 feet tall and varying in width throughout the year, Battle Creek Falls has a unique look due to the array of bedrock that shapes the waterfall ledge. Adjacent to its base is an interesting old powerhouse. This waterfall is easily accessible by trail and road. More Information

Mineral, CA
Beatson Falls
In the unique terrain of Table Mountain, you will find Beaston Falls in a narrow canyon in Beaston Hollow. The best time to enjoy this waterfall is from December through April. More Information

Oroville , CA
Bluff Falls
This waterfall is noticeable only to those who are looking closely and is most visible during the peak of the snow melt season. A stream down a dark cliff comes from an old quarry site that is overgrown with local vegitation which obscures the waterfall. Find it by looking to the hillside west of Highway 89 just south of the southern entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park. This waterfall is easily accessible by trail and road. More Information

Lassen Volcanic National Park , CA

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Burstarse Falls
This waterfall makes it's appearance every year in late winter and early spring. It's source is a small granite basin where Burstarse Creek drains. This waterfall is moderately accessible. More Information

Dunsmuir, CA
Camp Creek Falls
Camp Creek Falls can be reached by driving and is a sight to see, with many tiers equaling 200 feet of waterfall. Be sure to have a high clearance vehicle and get ready for a rough ride to see this worthwile waterfall. More Information

Oroville, CA
Chambers Creek Falls
Chambers Creek Falls offers a great photo opportunity with two levels of beautiful uniformity. The waterfall is surrounded by greenery and magnificent rocks on either side. At the base lies a large pool for swimming. Further downstream, past the pool are dainty waterfalls/rapids and if you're not afraid to get wet, you can get it all in one shot of your camera. This waterfall is strenuously accessible. More Information

Oroville, CA
Coon Falls
Coon Falls on North Table Mountain is a sight to see when you can see it. Because of a small drainage basin, it is most visible after a good rain storm which is a great time to see little waterfalls all over the mesa. This waterfall is easily accessible. More Information

Oroville, CA
Crevice (Crack) Falls
The sight of Crevice Falls at Table Mountain is absolutely breathtaking with the best views at the edge of the cliffs. The waterfall is almost hidden as it drops through a huge crack and down 129 feet to the canyon floor. There is another waterfall near Crevice Falls that doesn't exist any other time except directly after heavy rainfall so this is the best time to go, just watch your step. This waterfall is moderately accessible with GPS and coordinates… More Information

Oroville, CA
Curtain Falls
Due to its isolated canyon location, this waterfall has yet to be measured and is said to be anywhere from 20 to 40 feet tall. The waterfall creates a veil along the Middle Fork of the Feather River. This waterfall is strenuously accessible. More Information

Oroville, CA
Deadhorse Falls
Deadhorse Falls is a hidden jewel in Lassen National Forest. This very beautiful waterfall drops 60 ft. on small Deadhorse Creek, into a deep and pretty little gorge. More Information

Mineral, CA
Deer Creek Falls
This short and powerful waterfall ascends 18 feet to a punchbowl water hole at it's base. Visible throughout the year, this waterfall is bypassed by a fish ladder which diverts from the waterfall and is noticeably reduced in late summer. Deer Creek Falls provides a great opportunity for swimming and kayaking and is easily accessible. More Information

Chester, CA
Faery Falls
Faery Falls cascades 41 feet down a rock face with a small pool and rocky creek at it's base. This waterfall is most interesting to visit at it's peak volume in spring with a great mist and swift stream. This waterfall is easily accessible. More Information

Mt. Shasta, CA
Feather Falls
As one of the tallest waterfalls in the United States this is the most well known of California's waterfalls at a drop of 410 feet into a branch of bald Rock Canyon along the Middle Ford of the Feather River where it bursts over a small lip of rock at it's base. The waterfall is at it's peak volume from January through June and receeds greatly from July through October. The waterfall is moderately accessible. More Information

Oroville, CA

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Flag Falls
Flag Falls is often mistaken for Phantom Falls, due to their similar look. Enjoy the view from the cliff with a crumbling slope to the canyon floor where trees thrive from the water source. This waterfall is moderately accessible. More Information

Oroville, CA
Hall Creek Falls
Hall Creek Falls travels down a unique landscape of smooth rocks, almost like a giant waterslide. The waterfall begins with a 40 foot drop to the mountainside, where it curves back and forth down the mountain with small pools along its decent. This waterfall is strenuously accessible. More Information

Montgomery Creek, CA
Hedge Creek Falls
Hedge Creek Falls is a waterfall on Hedge Creek, in Dunsmuir, due north of Redding. There is a small cave located behind the waterfall, allowing visitors to walk behind the cascading water. Shortly after the waterfall, hedge creek flows into the Sacramento River south of Mossbrae Falls. There is a viewing platform over the river, with a view of Mount Shasta. Access to the waterfall and viewing platform is via a short hiking trail, starting at a small park off… More Information

Dunsmuir, CA
Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls can be found on Table Mountain, just outside of Oroville and southeast of Redding. This tiered waterfall is hard to capture, due to cliffs and sharp angles, but the main drop is about 70 ft of falling water, and is worth the find. More Information

Oroville, CA
Hollow Falls
Hollow Falls is one of the shorter falls on Table Mountain with a powerful heavy stream down a gradual slope where the waterfall has cut into the rock face. The base of the waterfall is easily accessible by GPS coordinates and you will find an interesting view. More Information

Oroville, CA
Johnson Creek Falls
Johnson Creek Falls in Etna is a mile hike through rough terrain to this mossey waterfall. It is all of 118 feet with very different views from top and bottom. Johnson Creek Falls is on privately owned land so the sharing landowner is very much appreciated. This waterfall is strenuously accessible. More Information

Etna, CA
Kickapoo Falls
Kickapoo Falls is a very unique waterfall that cascades down a jagged cliff face, making for water flowing in different directions all the way to the base. It begins as a small stream and splays out over the rocks, getting wider on the way down. This waterfall is easily accessible by trail and roadside. More Information

Trinity Center, CA
Kings Creek Falls
Kings Creek Falls is a great place for a photo opportunity as it is visually diverse with a fountain type look. All of its 46 feet cascade in different directions due to the protruding rocks behind. This waterfall is most visually stimulating during summer months when volume is less, allowing for a terraced appearance. This waterfall is moderately accessible. More Information

Lassen Volcanic National Park , CA
(530) 595-4480
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Kinner Falls
Kinner Falls is a narrow waterfall of 139 feet, twisting around rocks on it's way down the canyon wall. It flows directly into Pit River with sprinkles of greener vegitation along either side. This waterfall is easily accessible. More Information

Big Bend, CA
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Less than an hour's drive from Redding sits beautiful Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park boasts incredible mountain scenery reminiscent of Yosemite as well as fascinating thermal wonders similar to Yellowstone with just a small fraction of the visitors, making it one of our favorite California National Parks. Lassen offers three of the four different types of geothermal features, including steam vents, mud pots, and hot springs; all four types of volcanoes (shield, plug dome, cinder cone, and composite); and all… More Information
Hwy 36E
Mineral, CA 96063
(530) 595-4480
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Lion Slide Falls
Lion Slide Falls is easily accessible by a cozy trail a short distance from Big Bend Road. A powerfully wide cascade has created a deep pool at the base before the river continues over a makeshift rock dam and through many smooth boulders that are great for lounging. Down the center of the waterfall rests a fallen tree, transformed into a stairway by some brave chainsawer, that is one of two paths to the top of the waterfall. With a… More Information

Montgomery Creek, CA

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