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Visit Redding, California
Visit Redding, California
A bike ride across the Sundial Bridge in Redding, Ca
Marcel Siegle
A bike ride across the Sundial Bridge in Redding, Ca
Marcel Siegle
ID: 218267, Address: 4777 Caterpillar Rd, Redding, CA 96003
Phone: 530-244-6837
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So you saw someone out on the water flying above the water's surface and getting huge air and now you're asking yourself "what was that thing they were riding?!" Well, it was a hydrofoil, and Sky Ski is at the top of the hydrofoil game. We build and provide the best quality Hydrofoils for all levels of riders at affordable prices.
Contact us to try one out, we rent them out also! We also offer instructional DVD’s here at Sky Ski, they cover everything from just learning how to get up all the way to the most extreme, advanced flips, spins, combos & mobius tricks currently being performed by the top pro’s.If you’re interested in one-on-one instruction tailored to fit your specific needs, there are a few individuals around the country that offer this, just give us a call here at Sky Ski and we’ll get you hooked up with someone nearest to you or your travel plans!

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